Settlement Patterns Singapore: The Dynamics of Urban Form

Wahlmodul M.A. Arch und M. Sc. Urb.
Wintersemester 2017-18

Course Description

The seminar will give an in-depth view of the current urban development in Singapiore and its context of South-East-Asia. Depending on the number of participating students, a minimum of six residential areas will be critically analysed and assessed. The students are expected to produce a comprehensive analysis in form of plans, diagrams and written report.

Students will learn about the current processes of urbanisation and understand its dynamic forces within the context of Singapore. Exemplary settlement patterns are discussed, analysed and evaluated from the perspective of urban and architectural form, including a reflection on the cultural codes of the singaporean society.

The key intention of the seminar is to:
- Understand the specific historic development of the residential quarters
- Assess and understand the settlement patterns of kampungs under spatial and morphologic terms

The present situation is described, and the spatial and morphologic conception analysed in qualitative and quantitative measures. The seminar will conclude on the question how the urban form of the residential quarters correlate with the current economic and social challenges in Singapore. This question can be applied to similar global contexts and stimulate further debate on the issue of dynamics in urban and architectural transformation.